Course Details

CT 0013 Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications for the PC

This course is a great starting point if you are taking the Level 1A classes of the Office Suite or any of the certificate programs.
You will:
•    Create basic Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
•    Learn to navigate Office Windows and Ribbons
•    Open, Close and Save Office documents with confidence
•    Cut, Copy and Paste data within documents
•    Recognize what program best suits your task
Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge and experience. Instructors: Nancy Koenig / Joan Fleckenstein

Session: B (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: November 26 - December 3
Tuesday6:00PM - 9:00PMB252
Cost: $159.00 + GST

Session: A (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: October 9 - October 11
Wednesday9:00AM - 12:00PMB252
Friday9:00AM - 12:00PMB252
Cost: $159.00 + GST