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SS 0204 Take BOTH Blast from the Past and Amazing Race (Ages 7-9)

Blast From the Past
Ages 7-9. And just when you thought time travel was not possible... this camp will have you guessing again! This week we will travel back through time we will explore the memorable days gone by. Get ready to learn the jive, make friendship bracelets, and have a cat’s in the cradle challenge and so much more! This is definitely a trip through the decades you won’t want to miss!

Amazing Race
Ages 7-9. Join us for a week of exciting and stimulating activities. Are you up to the challenge of our amazing roadblocks, which include ‘worm’ and ‘dirt’ eating, mini boot camp, mystery solving, obstacle training, & other crafty activities? Prepared to be amazed at what you can do… The world is waiting for you. Travel safe... Ready, Set, GO!

Session: A (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: August 26 - August 30
Monday - Friday9:00AM - 12:00PMS141
Monday - Friday1:00PM - 4:00PMS140
Cost: $215.00
Notes: Lunch Supervision provided.