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SS 0203 Take BOTH Nailed It Jr and Fear Factor (Ages 7-9)

Nailed It Jr
Ages 7-9. Are you going to Nail It or Fail It? This camp is based off the hit cooking show “Nailed It”. We will start the camp by diving into teams and then the real fun begins. Each day we will have a baker’s choice challenge where you as a team will get to select one of the edible confections to recreate. But make sure that you are paying attention as this challenge will help you for the final day when we have the big Nail It or Fail It challenge. We will also be busy making crafts and learning new skills along the way. ‘3-2-1…Ya Done!’

Fear Factor
Ages 7-9. Are you ready to face your fears and have a ton of fun at the same time? This week you will be faced with contests and challenges that may give you the heebie jeebies or have you squealing in delight. You may eat some interesting concoctions, participate in some tricky tasks and see what other surprises are in store. Please dress for mess and be prepared to have a blast!

Session: A (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: August 19 - August 23
Monday - Friday9:00AM - 12:00PMS141
Monday - Friday1:00PM - 4:00PME160/1
Cost: $235.00
Notes: Lunch Supervision provided.