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SS 0202 Take BOTH Ultimate Survivor and Mysterious Magic (Ages 7-9)

Ultimate Survivor
Ages 7-9. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! Modelled from the TV show, you will be put into tribes (teams) and facing challenges like no other. There will be scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, and mental challenges. Each day there will be Tribal Council; do you have what it takes? The tasks will be tough and the challenges may be long. Survivors ready... GO!

Mysterious Magic
Ages 7-10. Science can seem like magic, pull back the curtain in Mysterious Magic! Discover the secret behind amazing reactions and the way our brains can play tricks on us with optical illusions. Take part in magical science experiments - like making water disappear - and wow your friends and family by the end of the week. Move over Penn and Teller, these budding magicians are ready to amaze!

Session: A (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: August 12 - August 16
Monday - Friday9:00AM - 12:00PMS108
Monday - Friday1:00PM - 4:00PML152
Cost: $235.00
Notes: Lunch Supervision provided.