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CC 0308 Enhancing Outdoor Play and Spaces Using Curiosity Triggers

It would be amazing if we all had a forest in our play spaces to trigger curiosity and lead learning. The reality is that most childcare settings are limited to a static play space and a few trees. Curiosity triggers enhance outdoor play spaces and spark learning with children. We will explore the concept of curiosity triggers, directly experience them and have time to consider how to incorporate this into your professional practice.  Come ready to be outside for part of this session.

Max: 50 people

Presenter: Christina Pickles

Christina Pickles has been an environmental educator for 20 years and has worked in wetlands, badlands, forests and streams with learners of all ages. For the last 5 years she has lead the Get Outside and Play Early Childhood Network in Alberta. Christina currently works for Connected by Nature.  She lives in Calgary minutes from Bow River with her family.

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Session: A (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: March 30
Saturday1:15PM - 2:45PMF156
Cost: $0.00