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CC 0306 Emotion Coaching for Caregivers: Synthesizing Connection and Discipline

Parents, caregivers, and educators are able to play a significant role in teaching children how to regulate their emotions within their daily interactions.  The ability to regulate emotion is highly correlated to positive behavioural outcomes and success in children as they develop.  Emotion coaching is a technique that combines the power of emotional connection with the necessity of effective limit setting and discipline.  Participants will learn the history and framework of emotion coaching and how to use this technique to respond to problematic behaviours and emotional dysregulation in children and youth.

Max: 100

Presenter: Janine Hazelaar

Janine Hazelaar is a Child and Youth Development Specialist with Alberta Health Services- Addiction & Mental Health.  Janine has worked in a variety of roles during her time at AHS, providing addiction and mental health services to children and families in child care, school, home and clinic settings.  Currently, Janine’s focus is on providing information and education to parents, caregivers and educators on how to navigate the unique challenges faced amoung youth today, and to recognize how challenging behaviours provide opportunities for teaching and connection.

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Session: A (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: March 30
Saturday10:30AM - 12:00PMS159
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