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CC 0301 Strengthening Connection with Families - Going Beyond a Parent Newsletter

A trend that continues to build in our field is accountability to families and governing bodies. The reality is that we know we have been doing this for years already. It just looks differently now. This session blends the evidence based policy (Strengthening Families) with practical hands on practices (Accreditation Standard 3) that supports connection and relationships with families. In this session, leaders will work through writing a policy that has measurable outcomes and real time application.

Max: 40

Presenter: Launa Clark

For over 25 years, Launa has been an engagement specialist, educational consultant, early child development educator, presenter and innovator. Her passion is working with adults who help find the creative potential within children and families. She has worked a majority of her career with professionals serving young children and families, as well as teaching post-secondary education in early learning.

Launa has presented internationally and has written over 100 workshops related to key elements of working with children and families. She has taught practical and leadership courses at colleges across Alberta and authored courses such as Community Development in Health & Humans Services and Fundraising in Health & Human Services. Additionally, she has leadership roles with research and policy strategies and has done extensive work with the Social Change Lab (Social Innovation).

Launa strongly believes that anyone can make small changes to unlock their full potential and create a big difference in the lives of those around them.

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Session: A (Full) (Not Currently Available)
Schedule: March 30
Saturday10:30AM - 12:00PMCOURT
Cost: $0.00